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I found out tonight that one of my best friends mother was sent to the emergency room for surgery and I am asking anyone who reads this for your kind thoughts and prayers for Lauren and her mother it would truly mean a lot Lauren means the world to me and it just breaks my heart to hear such hard news like this I am going to cry myself to sleep tonight with my new age music playing softly in the background to keep the spiritual mood in the room.


Stafford.On a Wing and a Prayer

I have been praying with all my heart for my beloved Lauren Ruiz for over a year now and everyday since the day the two of us met have been the best days of my life and I thank God for her every single day and things really seem to be looking up for her and she seems to be a very happy person right now and that means a lot to me and I only have God to thank for that and I will continue to pray for her and continue to give her lots of love from every inch of my heart.  My heart has also been very close to one of my best friends Lindsey Tingler as her Grandfather has recently past away and this news has completely broken my heart in ways you could never imagine and I will always be there for her and her family. Thank you Lord for blessing me with Lauren and Lindsey they both mean the world to me and there is nothing in this world that I would not do for them, they are the best friends I could have ever asked for ♥