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FM Radio Battle in RVA

I am a listener of a radio station on 106.1 called 1061 The Corner “Different is Good” out of Charlottsville Virgnia, but a new Low Power Signal out of Richmond Virginia has just signed on the same frequency and has been blocking 1061 The Corner at my house and at my office where I have listened to that station for over 7 years without any problems before Summit Media which owns Hot1009 in Richmond started this low power transmitter to have hot 1009 to Hot 106.1 and start a new station on the 1009 signal which is over 15 Thousand Watts compared to 250 Watts on 106.1 FM.  Many people who have switched as they were told to do cannot get good reception on 106.1 and people like me who can’t receive 1061 The Corner anymore because the new signal run out of Richmond has been blocking theirs.  I have failed a complaint with the FCC the same people who granted the licence to Summit Media to broadcast a LPFM on 106.1

I  have been in contact with the station manager at The Corner and he has said many people have been complaining about the reception issues when the LPFM is on the air and we have been working together to fight for all Corner listeners having reception issues with this new LPFM on the air in Richmond.  I have contacted the Manager of Summit Media several times by email and have yet to receive a response about the blocking of WCNR FM being caused by their LPFM on 106.1 FM  We do not want you in the radio you block other stations and we can’t even get your signal anymore and many people have gone back to Q94 because their signal still up and all good as its been for over 40 years in RVA.



Don’t ever give up on yourself it takes time to heal but if you keep your faith you will never loose your strength to heal.

I have spent lots of time with new backdrop for my beautiful blog that you all visit everyday and I could not be anymore happier to just be alive right now.  I just have a lot on my mind and with this snow storm coming in this week it is going to delay everything at work and very depressing time for me.  I have stocked up on food and supplies if I get snowed in at my house.  I really miss my beloved lnr more and more everyday and with everything going on I realize just how wonderful life has truly been to have someone like her in my life to love and care for just means so much to me and when I know that she has been going though so much these past couple of years and even for the small amount of time we get to see each other has given her just so much happiness and I would not ever want her to live a single day without it.  Let me know what you think of the new web design and backdrop I created – Austin

Such a beautiful sound

I love this song so much it is just so beautiful the lyrics are below enjoy 🙂

I live in a rural area and only have one choice for high speed Internet CenturyLink . It worked great for more than a year. I was able to subscribe to Playstation Live and Netflix Streaming. Unfortunately, about four months ago I started experiencing the same problems many people in my area have been experiencing. It’s funny to read the tech comments that they have posted…I’ve heard them all myself. When calling about the lack of speed, each time I had to jump through every hoop…restart the modem, master reset the modem, plug it in to every outlet in the house, run the speed test, run the speed test again. Each time the support person puts me through to “advanced support”…who has no record that I’ve ever called…so we do it all again. My last call ended with a rude support person telling me ALL my computers and consoles are crap. Now that’s a insult as I have a custom built gaming computer and Sony Viao laptop which are anything but. This is bullshit and anyone with another choice should avoid CenturyLink at all cost. They will lie take your money for services they can’t provide and run and then when all else fails they tell you that your computer is nothing but crap causing the problems.

February blessings

Very blessed month so far so many things including some thunder snow
Celebrated the life of an amazing friend and couldn’t have been more thankful to be a big part of her life. It hurts when someone you care the world for hurt upset and always feeling like they’re alone. I sometimes just want to be right by their side and just tell her that everything’s gonna be ok when I know that it’s not but I pray each day and think about just how truly thankful I am to have her in my life and no matter what happens I will never give up on her.


My Favorite Quote on Piece

Piece Verse

Piece Verse

Late October

Life has been very stressful with work being very slow this past week and trying hard to stay as active as possible so I don’t get very sick in the near future.  I am very thankful for all those friends who have to this day always been so supportive and always here to help keep me up and strong I just don’t know what I would ever do without them.  I was able to go out and see one of my best friends Mary Riccio who I have not seen in a long time and she was able to cheer me up a little and had a relaxing weekend just resting my body so I can be strong for the week ahead.  I often wonder about the future and sometimes it brings me into the past and some of these dreams how made me go crazy and it always seems to be in a format like being in a video game but with lots of confusion and mixed emotions that try and break my heart and I often think that it could all just be a bad nightmare but I am not sure because when I get those they hurt so bad you can often wake from the pain.  Going to be counting my blessings and saying my prayers and being thankful for what I have and the amazing friends who have always loved me cared for me and been there for me no matter what they all help keep me going strong and each and everyone of them is a true gods blessing to me and I will be forever grateful for all of it.

Waiting for something for any amount of time can be annoying or even just something that pumps you up with a smile knowing that the time will come and for whatever you are so happy for will most likely happen and the I can’t wait is all over your mind and its such a wonderful feeling knowing whats about to happen soon, but when you have something in your life that you want more than anything something that you know you want more than anything and knowing that deep inside you know that it will never happen in your lifetime.  The thought of setting around just waiting for something waiting for that day in your life that will never come is just a complete nightmare and like a bad dream that you can never wake up from.  You know that there is something else out there is this world that would fix the problems your heart feels everyday and despite what that is you know that it will never happen either and just waiting for something else to happen and another day to cure your blues and knowing that day is not coming for you either is now sounding more and more like a broken record that keeps skipping and every time the record spins around in the player you here the same thing over and over again exactly as you did before and the next part of that song that you are waiting for will never play and no matter how long you listen and wait you know that the thing you want to play will never play and you have to go your whole life going without the one thing your heart always wanted and knowing that just like the broken record being stuck is not even your fault but you still have to live everyday of your life in pain anyway and that really is the most unfair part of the whole thing and knowing you did not do anything wrong but still having to pay the consequences anyways.  You can learn to be strong and to keep your head up and even be so strong for everyone around you even during their worst times all while knowing your heart is burning deep down inside and the only one to feel your pain is yourself and I just wonder sometimes how I am still standing tall and strong as I am today just want it all to be a bad dream.