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I have been on a cleaning spree for the last week and going sober on all counts and most of all eating healthy for once instead of all this junk and it has been killing me from the inside out. I have needed a clean up for so long and I can’t stand the thought of something happening to me and being taken away from the ones I love because of my health and what I did to make it fail. I am very paranoid at the moment with lots of things and I don’t know what I would do if I was ever taken away from my loved ones or even worse my best friend my roommate family or my beloved Lnr she means the world to me and I don’t know what I would ever do without her. My success is just starting and it will take lots more time before I finally get healed up from this cold turkey recovery of good health. I have recently not been feeling so well and tired all the time and no motivation to get up for work for sometime now and my work is something I love to do everyday fixing computers and television sets and when I’m running my own repair company it really effects me more than anyone would ever know so I’m going clean for 2014 and if anyone out there reads this to heart you would be too if you have someone in your life who simply loves you and cares for you. I know I do and that is just enough for me to go on the straight path with my health and more importantly my well being.


When your heart breaks for someone it’s like being stuck in an impossible position it’s like you feel the pain it hurts so bad you just wish you knew how to make them feel better. A broken heart is a shattered heart just like tiny pieces of broken glass everywhere. It’s pain you can’t see but deep in your heart you are burning but no matter what one thing is for sure. I will never give up not for anything. Someone like them in your life is worth all the trouble in the world.


My Lyrics for Love

Loving you is like flying
Never feel I’m trying
To catch a cloud
Couldn’t do it without you
Just wish you could see
With you I’m flying
Flying as high as the clouds
Loving you is like flying
Higher than the sun and moon

Three years going strong

It has been three years now since the day I almost lost my life to a car accident. I can’t believe that I was almost taken away from the ones I love and not a day goes by that I don’t think about that they mean everything to me. I am just so truly thankful to have such a great support system in my life It just means everything to me and I just don’t know how I could ever thank everyone who stood by me and right by my side and never gave up faith in me for everyone who prayed there hearts out and my best friend Kendall Kidd who gave me everything she had when I needed it most and I don’t know what I would ever do without her and everyone who was truly here for me when I needed it most it just means the world to me. I am so thankful for the people I was so blessed to meet later on after my accident which I would have never met otherwise especially my beloved Lauren Ruiz who means the world to me. I love her so much she has truly touched my heart in a way I never thought possible and I have god to thank for her everyday and I love her with all my heart and soul.

Its the November blues for me right now just feeling really insecure with everything in my life.  I may seem to always be a happy person who is always so strong for everyone around me and everyone in my life, but there is still lots on my mind especially with work as the economy continues to tank more and more and loosing lots of business really makes me worry about my future with my business fixing computers and flat screen tv sets. The holidays are fast approaching us all and is something I am just not ever seem to be ready for.  I love my family and I love my friends and without them and their support I don’t know where I would be in the world and I am forever truly grateful for them all no matter how close or far apart life has forced us to be I wouldn’t trade it for the world and not one day goes by that I don’t think about you all.

Its lake October and I have lots on my mind between work and everything else it just seems that nothing ever seems to workout just the way I need them in order to survive.  I love my job and everything I do but when business dies out almost completely and your not sure when your next source of income is going to be I seem to loose faith in myself and the motivation to stay positive.  Seeing how other businesses around me all seem to be in the same boat as me it just makes me wonder where our world is truly headed for and that kinda scares me more than anyone would ever think.  I am at least thankful for my true friends and family who have always supported my decisions since day one and I don’t know what I would ever do without them, they are my world and my life and one of the biggest reasons for me to live everyday likes its my last they have all helped me in ways you could never imagine and there’s noting in this world that I would not do for them and I’v been keeping my good friend Lauren R. in my thoughts and prayers everyday especially these past couple of months as I know they have been really hard on her with work and her classes shes been taking.  She has done really well and I just pray for a miracle that she is given the strength to help her complete these classes and especially keeping her going strong at work and praying that shes able to get some decent night sleep which I would do anything to allow her to have that and be able to just sleep dreams it truly would mean the world to me God she has never done me wrong and been one of the best things to ever happen to me and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The start of Fall Season

The start of the Fall season so far has been ok the weather has been ok. It is kinda been a lonely time for some time as I have been so deprived not being able to see my best friend kendall in so long that it feels like a life time. I am so truly grateful for all my friends family and all my loved ones for everything they do for me. I love you all so much and words could never explain just how truly grateful I am just to have you in my life to love and care for just means everything to me. I hope each and everyone of you enjoys this beautiful Fall weather and I will continue to update the weather for you if anything changes and if I don’t get to see you anytime soon you know I’m always here for you and always in my heart and prayers everyday.

Staying Positive

I have been trying so hard to stay as positive as I can everyday and I am thankful for the life I have and the people in it with me.  I’ve been praying had for a friend who has had some major surgeries this past week and only hoping for a full recovery she will have more surgery next week and praying for a miracle that it will all go well for her.  Life will have its fair share of pain and despite all that life brings your way remember that God never gives you more than you can handle and that there is always something better at the other end of the light.  Keeping one of my best friends close to my heart and my prayers and no matter the distance between us we will always have each other to love and care for no matter what happens and I could never be more thankful for all the time we have shared together and I am just truly grateful for it all.  I miss her more and more everyday and I will stop at nothing to be the best friend she could ever ask for because that what feels right in my heart and my heart is everything to me.

Summer has been ok mainly working right now just trying to make it by each day as best I can and I put a big smile on my face everyday and stay only as positive as I can.  I have lots of friends who I miss so much that I just want to pick them from my dreams and hug them.  Summer time itself seems to be going by so fast which does make me so sad and I wish only time could slow down.  At least I have a few true friends out in this crazy world I truly don’t know what to do without them they give me a reason to live everyday and I will always be here for them no matter the distance between us because they are a true God’s blessing to me and I don’t know what I would ever do without them.

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