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Its lake October and I have lots on my mind between work and everything else it just seems that nothing ever seems to workout just the way I need them in order to survive.  I love my job and everything I do but when business dies out almost completely and your not sure when your next source of income is going to be I seem to loose faith in myself and the motivation to stay positive.  Seeing how other businesses around me all seem to be in the same boat as me it just makes me wonder where our world is truly headed for and that kinda scares me more than anyone would ever think.  I am at least thankful for my true friends and family who have always supported my decisions since day one and I don’t know what I would ever do without them, they are my world and my life and one of the biggest reasons for me to live everyday likes its my last they have all helped me in ways you could never imagine and there’s noting in this world that I would not do for them and I’v been keeping my good friend Lauren R. in my thoughts and prayers everyday especially these past couple of months as I know they have been really hard on her with work and her classes shes been taking.  She has done really well and I just pray for a miracle that she is given the strength to help her complete these classes and especially keeping her going strong at work and praying that shes able to get some decent night sleep which I would do anything to allow her to have that and be able to just sleep dreams it truly would mean the world to me God she has never done me wrong and been one of the best things to ever happen to me and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


The start of Fall Season

The start of the Fall season so far has been ok the weather has been ok. It is kinda been a lonely time for some time as I have been so deprived not being able to see my best friend kendall in so long that it feels like a life time. I am so truly grateful for all my friends family and all my loved ones for everything they do for me. I love you all so much and words could never explain just how truly grateful I am just to have you in my life to love and care for just means everything to me. I hope each and everyone of you enjoys this beautiful Fall weather and I will continue to update the weather for you if anything changes and if I don’t get to see you anytime soon you know I’m always here for you and always in my heart and prayers everyday.

Sometimes dealing with the pain is the only option you have and that pain  is only there to test your strengths and to see just how long you can hold on and more importantly your will to survive.  It has been almost three years since my faithful car accident and one that I will never forget.  The pain that I incurred was a true testament to see just how strong I could be and with so many who love and care for me including my family and my best friend KP all helped give me strengths in ways I could never think possible and my will to survive was worth all the pain in the world.  I love my life more than you would ever know and every single day has been a blessing to me all the laughs all the tears all the love and all the care I get from so many everyday gives me a will to survive no matter how much pain because no amount of pain is worth giving up on when you have so many who love you and care for you and their strength is what all makes it all possible and without them I don’t know what I would do and all the pain I fought was all for them so that they would not loose someone that they care so deeply for and to prove how much they all mean to me is worth all the pain in the world.  I am a true fighter and every day on earth is the biggest blessing of them all and I don’t regret any of the pain and any of the suffering because I have so many in my life who love me and my life is worth it all because my life is everything to me and if I had to do it all over again to just to be here for the ones I love I would fight it all over again even if the pain is harder to deal with.

Summer has been ok mainly working right now just trying to make it by each day as best I can and I put a big smile on my face everyday and stay only as positive as I can.  I have lots of friends who I miss so much that I just want to pick them from my dreams and hug them.  Summer time itself seems to be going by so fast which does make me so sad and I wish only time could slow down.  At least I have a few true friends out in this crazy world I truly don’t know what to do without them they give me a reason to live everyday and I will always be here for them no matter the distance between us because they are a true God’s blessing to me and I don’t know what I would ever do without them.

I love my best friend more than anything she has always been there for me for over 8 years now and not a single day goes by that I don’t thank god for her.  I love Kendall all the way to the moon and back and maybe even beyond the outer-limits of our Galaxy because its a lot further away and in between the distance lays only the best blessing of all our universe. I love my life and I am nothing but smiles most all the time now I try not to get sad or upset anymore over stuff.  I still set down and pray everyday for some of my best like Lauren, my best friend family and for myself and for the day I was blessed to have because any day could be your last.  To Kendall K, Lauren R, David R, Hunter B, Lindsey T, my family and all of my loved ones a big thank you for making that long trip through life in this universe the best trip a man could ever ask for and for that I am forever truly grateful for it all. 

I could never express how truly blessed I feel just to be alive today and I have some extremely wonderful friends in this world that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  Life has truly been the greatest thing to ever happen to me and for allowing so many to be apart of it just means everything to me and not a day goes by that I won’t be there for them.  Kendall K, David R, Lauren R, Lindsey T, Jessica F, and of course all my boys are all the best and there is not a thing in the world I wouldn’t do for them.

Today I woke up and feeling nothing but purely blessed everything.  Sometimes when I think back to the memories I have with friends family and so many others and just to realize how truly loved that I am and how important I am to so many and it just makes me cry thinking about it sometimes and I truly don’t know what I would ever do without all the strength I get from everyone around me.  Life may not always go according to plans or go the way you had originally hoped for, but in the end I am so glad to still be alive and of course the love and care I get not just from my best friend, but from all my friends family and loved ones and without them I don’t know were I would be.

Family isn’t always blood.
It’s the people in your life
who want you in theirs;
the ones who accept you
for who you are, The ones
who would do anything to
see you smile and who
love you no matter what.

Stafford.On a Wing and a Prayer

I have been praying with all my heart for my beloved Lauren Ruiz for over a year now and everyday since the day the two of us met have been the best days of my life and I thank God for her every single day and things really seem to be looking up for her and she seems to be a very happy person right now and that means a lot to me and I only have God to thank for that and I will continue to pray for her and continue to give her lots of love from every inch of my heart.  My heart has also been very close to one of my best friends Lindsey Tingler as her Grandfather has recently past away and this news has completely broken my heart in ways you could never imagine and I will always be there for her and her family. Thank you Lord for blessing me with Lauren and Lindsey they both mean the world to me and there is nothing in this world that I would not do for them, they are the best friends I could have ever asked for ♥

Its Easter and I am not feeling so great today as this time of year the pollen comes out and messes with me and makes me cough lungs inside out and I have just been at home resting it up today trying to stay strong and positive and of all other things just to continue to be happy which is something I could not say about one of my best est friends Lauren R.  Today has not been so happy for her and today while sitting at home the time I have not been spending sleeping away I have been up praying for her and letting the good lord know just how important she has truly been to me these past couple of years I have been so blessed to have shared my life with and I can understand to a point where the pain never seems to completely go away, but no the less I will stay strong and be as positive as I can be not just for me, but for her and everyone around me.  I only have a few friends in this world who truly mean the world to me other than my own family and Lauren is one of them and she will always be family to me.

Dear father today I pray in the name of Jesus Christ and ask for your continued love and your continued protection  for not only me, but for my friends family and most importantly my beloved Lauren who I love and care for more than she would ever know and your many thanks for blessing me anther day on earth and for all my friends family and loved ones especially my sweet Lauren because I could never imagine my life without her and my life would never be as bright and beautiful as its been for me without her – Amen