As of today it has been 63 days since I made that fateful decision to stop smoking weed once and for all it was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life it was the one thing that had truly taken over my life and it was also hurting my lungs and I was just not feeling myself anymore.  I had run into my best friend after not being able to see her in over 3 years and I did not know what to think at first, but I had soon realized how much she still truly loved me and so deeply cared about me it was like our friendship had truly stayed strong and so close just as she promised so many years ago that would never leave me and that was when I realized how truly blessed I was that God put us in each other’s lives and I had to change my ways and stop putting my health in harms way because the love my best friend gives me is so truly special that without words I just knew that she needed me here with her in her life and would do anything to never ever lose me and honestly I could never live my life without her.  It has been very hard for me these past 2 months or so since I stopped smoking one which my emotions go all over the place and having a hard time enjoying anything that ever brought me any joy in my life.  Kendall,, however, is one thing along side my family who has always been here for me and supporting me in so many ways and I have God to thank for these wonderful people every single day of life and this has been the longest I have not smoked any weed in over 5 years and as long as me and my best friend have each other I will not ever be smoking any more weed ever again she truly is my saving grace and worth all the trouble in the world.  I am very happy I have made it this far I still have lots of healing ahead of me but I feel confident that I will continue to succeed in this whole process and won’t relapse as what I struggled with in the past.