So I wake up today god I am so blessed to see everything that has even been for me in my life. I feel like I’m headed out to SAMs Club in town to stock up on some good old candy. Nothing like those Sour skittles or Sour punch straws to kick in the old sweet tooth again. I am so thankful for my mom my whole family and my roommate who has changed my world for the better and nothing without my best friend Kp nothing says the world like her. She is the truest of person you’ll ever know and a heart of an angel. NASCAR is over so I’m free on this day and I plan play some Grand Theft today on my 70 DLP after I eat some lunch and catch up on season 2 of Blue Bloods with one of my favorite Donnie Wahlberg playing a lead detective a damn good one if you ask me. I hope you all have a blessed day and you take things easy today. Happy Sunday FundAy everyone.