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I have a lot of people that I am just so truly thankful for and my true gods blessings and I am forever grateful for all that they do and to just be a part of my life its the greatest blessing of them all.


I am a listener of a radio station on 106.1 called 1061 The Corner “Different is Good” out of Charlottsville Virgnia, but a new Low Power Signal out of Richmond Virginia has just signed on the same frequency and has been blocking 1061 The Corner at my house and at my office where I have listened to that station for over 7 years without any problems before Summit Media which owns Hot1009 in Richmond started this low power transmitter to have hot 1009 to Hot 106.1 and start a new station on the 1009 signal which is over 15 Thousand Watts compared to 250 Watts on 106.1 FM.  Many people who have switched as they were told to do cannot get good reception on 106.1 and people like me who can’t receive 1061 The Corner anymore because the new signal run out of Richmond has been blocking theirs.  I have failed a complaint with the FCC the same people who granted the licence to Summit Media to broadcast a LPFM on 106.1

I  have been in contact with the station manager at The Corner and he has said many people have been complaining about the reception issues when the LPFM is on the air and we have been working together to fight for all Corner listeners having reception issues with this new LPFM on the air in Richmond.  I have contacted the Manager of Summit Media several times by email and have yet to receive a response about the blocking of WCNR FM being caused by their LPFM on 106.1 FM  We do not want you in the radio you block other stations and we can’t even get your signal anymore and many people have gone back to Q94 because their signal still up and all good as its been for over 40 years in RVA.