Today’s work day for me has been really slow which is a big downer for me especially after the fact that things have been looking up for me and was finally able to see a path moving forward, but days like today set things way back and really brings me down.  Spring time is finally in the air and with my allergies is something I can feel big time with that in mind I am trying hard to turn over a new leaf while the leaves turn into green I am setting up a new routine for my self which includes a early bed time instead of being up all night so I can get into the habit of waking up bright and early everyday full of energy instead of being tired a groggy everyday as my body sometimes feels like it can’t take it anymore as I get older everyday I can really feel the changes and I hate it and just wish I could get younger.  Staying fit is something I am starting to get into again and trying to stay with it this time going to the gym everyday after work and just trying to stay as active as I can.  My life is still young and I have a lot to live for every day and I don’t want to fall down the wrong path.  Everyday is nothing but a blessing to me just to be alive and is something that you should never take for granted no matter how bad your day has been no matter how hard the struggles seem sometimes you have to believe in yourself and you have to keep your faith as high as you can and regardless of what ever happens in this world you can never give up.  It may seem like the impossible sometimes and I know I have been there time and time again, but no matter how dark days get sometimes every storm eventually passes and the sun will one day shine again and with a positive attitude the sun will come back brighter than ever and you will love yourself and life more and more each and every single day of your life.

Here is a song by Filo & Peri called The Soul and The Sun enjoy