After a long never ending Winter season it seems as Spring has finally come to Virginia.  All of the snow that we have had has really put a big hurt on my local computer/TV repair business and with Tax time coming to an end and paying lots to Uncle Sam I just feel like I am stuck in a never ending nightmare and praying day by day that things will get better with the changes in the weather.  This time of year is also very hard for one of my best friends between her birthday and the loss of 2 of her best friends a couple years ago she really struggles to find any happiness which breaks my heart from the inside out especially when I live so far away from her and not having the money to be able to visit on a normal biases especially when I know she needs it most, but with better weather in the near future my work load normally picks up it’s just been slower than normal for me and the other local businesses around me.  I have often wondered how my business would be if I was located in a more populated area because I know the work I do with these computers is top to none and the same people always come back to me time and time again because the work I do for them is better than anyone else and that is something that I take pride in every single day.  Hopefully things will get better not just for me and my business, but also for my beloved Lnr who I love and care for so much.

I have updated my online radio channel with more great European Dance Music and have the station fully automated with SAM4 broadcasting which helps maintain maximum sound quality the website for the live stream is which  now has a Flash Player that plays my live stream on any computer system and links for iPhone, Winamp and many other compatible players and software.  Music is one if the best things to ever happen to me and I just love to share the sounds of great inspirational Progressive Trance music to help motivate and inspire people every day no matter how bad their day has been and with spring in the air I will continue to add more great music to the library and provide the best listening experience on the web.  Remember music is always good for the soul and for those beautiful minded souls who have created such masterpieces are a true gift from God himself and they will always have my most respect when their music is played on Kendall’s Progressive Trance Radio.  Without music I would have nothing to inspire me the way I am today and also without my beloved Lrn I don’t know what I would ever do with myself.