I live in a rural area and only have one choice for high speed Internet CenturyLink . It worked great for more than a year. I was able to subscribe to Playstation Live and Netflix Streaming. Unfortunately, about four months ago I started experiencing the same problems many people in my area have been experiencing. It’s funny to read the tech comments that they have posted…I’ve heard them all myself. When calling about the lack of speed, each time I had to jump through every hoop…restart the modem, master reset the modem, plug it in to every outlet in the house, run the speed test, run the speed test again. Each time the support person puts me through to “advanced support”…who has no record that I’ve ever called…so we do it all again. My last call ended with a rude support person telling me ALL my computers and consoles are crap. Now that’s a insult as I have a custom built gaming computer and Sony Viao laptop which are anything but. This is bullshit and anyone with another choice should avoid CenturyLink at all cost. They will lie take your money for services they can’t provide and run and then when all else fails they tell you that your computer is nothing but crap causing the problems.