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When your heart breaks for someone it’s like being stuck in an impossible position it’s like you feel the pain it hurts so bad you just wish you knew how to make them feel better. A broken heart is a shattered heart just like tiny pieces of broken glass everywhere. It’s pain you can’t see but deep in your heart you are burning but no matter what one thing is for sure. I will never give up not for anything. Someone like them in your life is worth all the trouble in the world.




My Lyrics for Love

Loving you is like flying
Never feel I’m trying
To catch a cloud
Couldn’t do it without you
Just wish you could see
With you I’m flying
Flying as high as the clouds
Loving you is like flying
Higher than the sun and moon

Think back over the last few days, – how many times have you felt appreciation towards another? How many times have you thought about another: ‘what a lovely smile’, or ‘she is so nice’, or ‘such a kind man’, or any of a myriad of other appreciative thoughts. Did you express them? Did you come up to her and say: ‘you are so nice’? And why not? Why did you stop divine grace from flowing freely from your heart? Do you want to change the world to the better? This is it, this is how you start.


That special place

There is that special place in my heart that is so truly deep and those few people in there mean more to me than anything in the whole universe and words could just never explain just how truly grateful I am to have these people in my life and I only have God to thank for them each and every single day of my life and without them I don’t know what I would do. These people are my world my life and there’s nothing I would not do for them.