Life has been very stressful with work being very slow this past week and trying hard to stay as active as possible so I don’t get very sick in the near future.  I am very thankful for all those friends who have to this day always been so supportive and always here to help keep me up and strong I just don’t know what I would ever do without them.  I was able to go out and see one of my best friends Mary Riccio who I have not seen in a long time and she was able to cheer me up a little and had a relaxing weekend just resting my body so I can be strong for the week ahead.  I often wonder about the future and sometimes it brings me into the past and some of these dreams how made me go crazy and it always seems to be in a format like being in a video game but with lots of confusion and mixed emotions that try and break my heart and I often think that it could all just be a bad nightmare but I am not sure because when I get those they hurt so bad you can often wake from the pain.  Going to be counting my blessings and saying my prayers and being thankful for what I have and the amazing friends who have always loved me cared for me and been there for me no matter what they all help keep me going strong and each and everyone of them is a true gods blessing to me and I will be forever grateful for all of it.