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Praying for my beloved Lauren R and only hoping those painful kidney stones go away for good shes the last person to ever deserve this and I will continue to pray for her till there all gone for good because she’s one friend who’s worth it no matter what.


I could never express how truly blessed I feel just to be alive today and I have some extremely wonderful friends in this world that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  Life has truly been the greatest thing to ever happen to me and for allowing so many to be apart of it just means everything to me and not a day goes by that I won’t be there for them.  Kendall K, David R, Lauren R, Lindsey T, Jessica F, and of course all my boys are all the best and there is not a thing in the world I wouldn’t do for them.

Music is something that is always in my heart and soul and I listen to it on a regular biases. I listen to Amsterdam Trance Radio on my iPhone because every song played is so inspirational and it really touches my heart in such a way I could never explain just listen and you will see. Listen Now

Today I woke up and feeling nothing but purely blessed everything.  Sometimes when I think back to the memories I have with friends family and so many others and just to realize how truly loved that I am and how important I am to so many and it just makes me cry thinking about it sometimes and I truly don’t know what I would ever do without all the strength I get from everyone around me.  Life may not always go according to plans or go the way you had originally hoped for, but in the end I am so glad to still be alive and of course the love and care I get not just from my best friend, but from all my friends family and loved ones and without them I don’t know were I would be.

There is a lot of peace and energy there to fill you up and restore you. Go there in person, or if you cannot, in your imagination. When you get there, miracles do happen.