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Always tell people how you feel, you never know when it will be too late


My Universe

My universe is a very special place and god has truly blessed me with the best friends that I could have ever asked for and I love each and every one of them with all my heart and I would not hesitate to risk my life for them or even die for them because without them I don’t what I would ever do with myself. They mean everything to me and I pray for each and every one of them every day and every night and there is nothing in this world that I would not do for them. Love is a strong word and I’m never afraid to use it to tell them how much I love and care for them and because of them I have something in this world to live for and I have to protect myself for the ones who love me because they would do anything to protect me and it makes me cry so hard to know how much I truly mean to all of them and especially the things they would do to protect my life. God I love them with all my heart.

Quote that I love

There’s always that one person, no matter how long it has been, or how badly they’ve treated you, if they say i love you, you will say it right back

It’s Monday again and the worst day of the week for me.  Today is not so promising at all and lots of things need to get done today and I can only pray for a miracle today that I will have the strength to get through this day.  I have had so much on my mind that it has been driving me crazy and I feel like it will never end.  I also just want to say thank you for those who take the time to read my blog I sometimes just need a place to speak my mind and whats on my heart and it means a lot to know I have some amazing friends and I would do anything in the world for them because they are the best.

Pink Moon

Pink Moon please share the experience 🙂pink moon

Family isn’t always blood.
It’s the people in your life
who want you in theirs;
the ones who accept you
for who you are, The ones
who would do anything to
see you smile and who
love you no matter what.

One of my best est friends in the whole world had some very bad encounters over the weekend and the story I heard makes me sick to my stomach and angry as a hell and I just want to say that no matter what ever happens in this world I will never ever ever let anything happen to her under any conditions and if you think about doing anything to her you will have to go through me first and believe me I would die for this girl so I fight till death so you better think twice next time because you don’t even know the half of what I would do for her shes is the most amazing friend ever and I will protect her with my life always –  Have a blessed day everyone 🙂


I found out tonight that one of my best friends mother was sent to the emergency room for surgery and I am asking anyone who reads this for your kind thoughts and prayers for Lauren and her mother it would truly mean a lot Lauren means the world to me and it just breaks my heart to hear such hard news like this I am going to cry myself to sleep tonight with my new age music playing softly in the background to keep the spiritual mood in the room.

I love listening to Ryan Farish his music is always uplifting and so inspirational and I love his sound title track “Clocks” and I hope you enjoy this sound track as well 🙂

Stafford.On a Wing and a Prayer

I have been praying with all my heart for my beloved Lauren Ruiz for over a year now and everyday since the day the two of us met have been the best days of my life and I thank God for her every single day and things really seem to be looking up for her and she seems to be a very happy person right now and that means a lot to me and I only have God to thank for that and I will continue to pray for her and continue to give her lots of love from every inch of my heart.  My heart has also been very close to one of my best friends Lindsey Tingler as her Grandfather has recently past away and this news has completely broken my heart in ways you could never imagine and I will always be there for her and her family. Thank you Lord for blessing me with Lauren and Lindsey they both mean the world to me and there is nothing in this world that I would not do for them, they are the best friends I could have ever asked for ♥