Its Easter and I am not feeling so great today as this time of year the pollen comes out and messes with me and makes me cough lungs inside out and I have just been at home resting it up today trying to stay strong and positive and of all other things just to continue to be happy which is something I could not say about one of my best est friends Lauren R.  Today has not been so happy for her and today while sitting at home the time I have not been spending sleeping away I have been up praying for her and letting the good lord know just how important she has truly been to me these past couple of years I have been so blessed to have shared my life with and I can understand to a point where the pain never seems to completely go away, but no the less I will stay strong and be as positive as I can be not just for me, but for her and everyone around me.  I only have a few friends in this world who truly mean the world to me other than my own family and Lauren is one of them and she will always be family to me.

Dear father today I pray in the name of Jesus Christ and ask for your continued love and your continued protection  for not only me, but for my friends family and most importantly my beloved Lauren who I love and care for more than she would ever know and your many thanks for blessing me anther day on earth and for all my friends family and loved ones especially my sweet Lauren because I could never imagine my life without her and my life would never be as bright and beautiful as its been for me without her – Amen