When someone you truly care for is going through more than you could even know it breaks your heart just to know the pain they feel is something you could never imagine and you would do anything in the world to make them feel better even if just for a moment would mean the world to me.  I have a very special friend who crossed my path a couple of years ago at a random party and I have god to thank for that special moment and for her every day and I never thought a couple of years later that she would mean the world to me and I never thought I would be where I am today because of her big heart and sweet soul and it only breaks my heart and makes me cry just to know everything she has been through these past couple of years and every day you just keep on praying your heart out for her hoping things will get better, but then as things look up something else happens to her and all the extra pain keeps on adding up and I only ask god to continue to watch over her and help her stay strong.  I know she has not been able to sleep at all without her mind flashing in different directions and I wish I knew what that was like just so I could know exactly what she has been going through and more importantly so I better know what I can do to just help make her feel better and to just let her know how no matter what may happen that I will always love and care for her just the way she is and that having a friend like her is like the next best thing to just being alive and there is nothing in this world that I would not do for her.  It has been over a year since we have seen each other as we both live so far apart and after these next couple of weeks go by I am going to try and make plans to come see her and make sure we never go this long without seeing each other ever again because this girl needs a friend like me more than anyone right now and I will continue to pray for her and just thank the good lord for blessing her and for putting this amazing girl in my life to love and care for its means a lot to me and she will always have that most special place in my heart and that is something I will never regret saying and I am proud to say she is one of my best friends I have ever had.  If you have someone you love with all your heart don’t be afraid to tell them because friendship is one soul that shares two bodies and I love Lauren R all the way to the moon and back ♥