Tears are the words that the heart can’t say and lately my heart has been crying lots of them.  Lots of things have been going on in my life and I have been very emotional person lately and adding on the fact that someone you love and care so much for has been going through so many things you could never imagine and despite all the love and prayers you give out I just wish sometimes I could tell her how truly blessed I am to have her in my beautiful life and how no matter what happens that there’s nothing in this world I would not do for her.  After loosing one of my good friends a few weeks ago things just don’t seem to the same to me anymore and so many of my loved ones have felt the same way.  Today my prayers are gonna still be strong for my beloved Lauren R and just keeping her close to my heart and really just asking god for her continued protection love and strength and just to help her sleep better at night because not one night has gone by that I’m not thinking about her and praying that she gets a good full nights sleep.   Thank you god for all who you have blessed me with today and everyday and may your love and protection always be there for the ones I love with all my heart including my best friend Kendall and my beloved Lauren they both mean the world to me ♥