I met someone over a year ago Lauren Ruiz and after spending the day with her on her birthday I had come to realized how much she truly means to me.   She is just an amazing friend that I have been truly blessed to have in my life and I thank god for her every single day.  I care so much for her and it just breaks my heart to see what this girl has been going through ever since she lost her best friend and I see the sadness and broken heart she has and I just wish that none of this had ever happened.  I am so truly thankful to have her in my  life and I pray my heart out for her every single day and I will do everything in my power to be the best friend that I can be for her and more importantly keep a smile on that beautiful face of hers because she is the last person on earth who would ever deserve all this pain and I could never imagine what she goes through every day, but I know that whatever she goes though hurts her more than anyone would ever know and she is a strong person, but I know that she is always hurting inside and I just ask God to keep her in his protection and that he keeps her going strong because I would do anything just to make sure that she is loved and cared for and that she never has to feel alone ever again.  I love you Lauren and I promise that no matter how tough things may get I will make sure we will get though all of it together and nothings ever too important that I can’t stop what I’m  doing to be here for you no matter what the problem is ♥